I've managed several restaurants in different locations. I am constantly learning about different cooking techniques, and entertaining trends. At the same time, I wanted to balance my passion for food with my family life. That was when the idea of the "Food Experience" was born. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

"Jack" - PhD.

Creator and Coordinator of

US Army veteran, Professor of Philosophy and amateur car mechanic, Jack has many interests and a great passion for knowledge. He has been sharing it with students from Universities in the area for over a decade. Now, you can attend his talks at Food Experience (no final Exam - YAY!)

Rocket Dawg

Our Director of Gentility (a.k.a our DOG)

Rocket is rescued black lab with many talents. Most of them involve sneaking food he is not supposed to have. As you can imagine, Rocket works remotely, since his office has to be off site (Commercial Kitchens and Dog are not a good combo) Follow Rocket in his "Good Manners Blog", he is the Director of Gentility, after all.