Sushi Rolls
Makes 3 Rolls 
Nori (Toasted Seaweed)– 3
Sheets Sushi Rice – 1 1/2 cups (cooked)
Rice Vinegar – As Needed
Shrimp – 3 oz
Avocados – 1/4
Cream Cheese (Optional) – 3 oz
Carrots – 3 oz
Cucumber – 3 oz

For Ganish
-Spicy Mayo  
Mayo – ¼ Cup
Chili & Garlic Paste – To taste, ½ tsp to start with.
-Katsobushi (Bonito) Flakes
 - Sesame Seeds

Wrap a sushi rolling mat completely in plastic wrap and set aside.
Place a sheet of nori on a flat work surface. Spread a thin layer of rice on top of the nori. Place the nori, rice side down, on the prepared rolling mat.
Or choose to place it with the nori side down.
Place 2 to 3 avocado slices on top of the nori in one layer.
Add Shrimp (if using). Add cucumber & Carrot strips on top.
Place a strip of Cream cheese (if using – This turns it into a Philly Roll)).
Using the mat as a guide, carefully roll the Sushi roll into a tight log.
Remove the rolling mat. Slice it into 6 even slices.

 You can Garnish with Sesame Seeds, Dried Bonito Flakes, or the Prepared Spicy Mayo. Serve with Soy Sauce, Pickled Ginger and Wasabi, to taste.