Weeknight Dinners

Have dinner for the Whole Family ready, just waiting for you in your Freezer! Or get individual portions for several meals! Each entrée includes a made in house Dinner Rolls (unless otherwise noted) Easy and detailed storage, thawing and reheating instructions are included. And you can re heat it using the same container we send you. Nobody wants to have extra pans to wash! Choose from 1, 3 or 5 meals. The more your order the lower the price of each portion. Orders are accepted until Thursdays evening, and are ready on Sundays. Come visit us to pick up on Sundays, or add Delivery for only $5.00 total for the whole order. (Delivery available for addresses in Aubrey, Krugerville, Providence Village) Next Pick up/ Delivery Date: Sun 9/26 Next Order Form Will Open Mon 9/27