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Orders take a minimum of 24 hrs to be prepared. The amounts of each item are adjusted accordingly to the size of your group. This board serves aprox. 9 oz per person, between savory and sweet items. This is the show stopper, "don't need anything else for your party" type of board. This board includes: 4 Meats 4 Cheeses Herbs, Bacon, Cheddar Cream Cheese Ball Seasonal Fresh Fruits, Assorted Olives, Nuts, Crackers, Freshly Sliced Baguette and made from scratch Berry Jam. Chocolate Covered Strawberries Chocolate Covered and Decorated Pretzel Rods Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites Chocolate Covered and decorated Cookies Chocolate Chips & Caramel Cream Cheese Dessert Ball with Graham crackers. And the reusable board is yours to keep. (All our boards are customizable. The images are just as a reference from previously prepared boards)


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