Our team of Culinary Professionals will prepare a custom menu for your event, and present you with available options, that are sure to Wow your guests, while taking all the work off your plate!! If you select Food Experience, the cost of the quote will be credited towards your final bill. Once we receive the details in your form, your quote will be ready within 72 hours. Thanks, and we can't wait to present you with a Delicious Experience!


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Terms & Conditions

Catering events require a minimum of 20 guests. If you have a smaller party, we charge the lowest of $200.00 + tax – Setup Fee; or the Difference to 20 guests, for the menu/service selected.

Tasting for events of more than 50 guests: 

Tasting of the selected menu can be arranged for 4-6 decision makers in your group, schedule permitting.

If the Tasting is taking place before a date is secured with the paid 50% of the invoice, the cost for the tasting is $100.00 + 8.25% tax, which will be use as credit, if you choose Food Experience for your event.

 Payment Schedule:

Once a menu/service option is selected, an invoice will be prepared for you with an approximate number of guests. 50% of the total is required at the time you receive your invoice, in order to book the date and time requested, and lock in the prices. The remaining 50% will be due the day after the event.

Prices are reviewed every 6 months and can be adjusted at any time. This quote will be valid for 30 days.

 Final Guests Guaranteed Number:

We required the final number of guests guaranteed one week before the event. If no changes are received, we will maintain the number of guests requested on the original invoice. If there is a change, the adjustment will apply to the remainder 50%.

Cancellation Policy:

Notices of Cancellation are required in writing. And it will be only valid once it has been acknowledged by Food Experience’s representatives.

 Only events cancelled within 30 days of the event’s date will receive the 50% deposit back.

Events cancelled within 30 days of the event, might qualify for a percentage of future credit towards a new date, depending on the expenses incurred up to the cancellation date, and future availability.