Kitchen For Rent

We have commercial grade equipment, temporary storage, cleaning  materials, wireless internet and parking available while you are preparing your products at Food Experience. Longer term storage also available for rent.

Once a contract is signed, and required documents provided (Insurance, Food Safety Manager Certification, Security Deposit, Lease agreement, etc.) a unique door code is assigned to each Tenant, that will provide you and your team access during your rented hours.

You will also get access to our online Kitchen reservation system:

Contact us to start booking your cooking time! 

Current Rental Prices (As of Oct 2021):

Monthly Membership (4 months Commitment) $1000.00 / month

As much available time (besides pre scheduled bookings and on site events) during the month. Includes cleaning materials, and all utilities. When "long-term storage" is selected, each tenant is assigned a space in our Commercial refrigerator for long term storage of perishable items (proper labeling and cleaning required)

Additional Information and Regulations:

Texas Department of Health & Human Services - Mobile Food Units